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Before they were able to get their hands on impact wrenches and welding torches, a lot of our mechanics grew up as electronic nerds, and loved going to Radio Shack. Even as kids, they knew that with the right set of adapters and plugs, they could bring any crazy scheme to life. Remember the kid who had his Nintendo wired to play audio out of his portable stereo? He works here now.

The right adapter can solve a lot of problems for gearheads. They can help a component fit more snugly by giving it proper fitment. They can help give new life to old parts that are just sitting around the shop. And they can help bring some creative solutions to engineering problems in your project.

That’s why we carry a wide variety of flanges and adapters for your exhaust, carburetor, manifold or other projects. Manufactured by some of the best parts makers in the industry, such as K&N Filters, ATP Turbo and JM Fabrications, these adapters are made with high-quality materials, so they will handle the heat of your performance engine.

What kind of crazy project do you have in mind? Call us and tell us about it: Our mechanics love talking with fellow grease monkeys, and they have picked up more than a few tricks on how these adapters can get put to good use, and help your scheme get accomplished.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we get to work assembling your order as soon as you place it. Our incredible shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program help save money for your next project. But our customer service is where we really shine. We want to help your automotive dreams become reality, even if that dream of yours is to make a certain part fit perfectly.