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External Wastegates

High Quality External Wastegates

Do you have the feeling your turbocharger isn’t giving you as much of a boost as it should? It may have to do with the wastegate. OEM turbo wastegate actuators are deliberately designed to be just strong enough for handling stock boost levels. If you’ve upgraded to an aftermarket turbocharger system, an external wastegate will be needed to handle the improved airflow. By acting as a separate actuator, it allows exhaust gases to be pushed further into the exhaust system or vented into the atmosphere. This gives you better performance and efficiency than any factory or internal wastegate — plus it adds a roar that lets everyone know you’re ready to roll.

Modern Automotive Performance has dozens of universal external wastegates that will help you reach peak boost. They are available in many sizes and PSI ratings for different turbochargers. A 7 or 10 PSI wastegate will give you a small gain versus OEM while 35 PSI actuators produce the highest pressures currently possible for forced induction. Made from materials such as stainless steel and billet aluminum, these wastegate external installation kits are built to last. Each device comes with the bigger springs that are needed to hold the actuator closed until the desired PSI for your turbo is reached. Some have multiple spring options so you can adjust the max boost level.

The Widest Selection of External Wastegates on the Web

We offer the lowest possible prices on external wastegates from Precision Turbo, TIAL, Turbosmart, HKS and other leaders in turbocharger performance. Most are direct fit replacements for a current wastegate and with many different manual and electronic boost controllers. You can also pick colors such as black, blue, red and purple if you want to add a little visual pop to go with their big performance pop. Add one to your car if you want your upgraded turbocharger to do more than just take up space. Learn more about what a wastegate can (and can’t) do for your car in the 5 Common Misconceptions about Turbo Wastegates article on our tech blog.