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Some racers and performance enthusiasts say that they don’t care what their car looks like as long as it’s fast. But in reality, people who take pride about what’s inside care about what's outside as well–whether it’s a classic or new car. A new side skirt or door handle may not make you go 0-60 any faster, but it’s a great way to showcase your unique personality. With car exterior car parts from Modern Automotive Performance, you can stand out from the crowd and make a statement before the engines even start.

Shop exterior car accessories from an extensive line of brands that run the gamut from rear wings, heat shields, to left and right wiper blades, with both vehicle-specific accessories, universal parts and other different uses that any gearhead can enjoy. Agency Power V2 Billet shorty antennas pack the same reception as a stock antenna into a smaller, more rugged design that looks cool while reducing drag. A Hella Supertone or Hella Sharptone horn kit will always get you noticed when you need to be with their booming sound and bright colors. Durable license plate holders and relocation kits will help you highlight your home state, and a Mitsubishi Vortex Generator reduces drag and increases downforce for a few extra tenths on the track.

If you’re ever involved in any bumps or scrapes, we have body parts to quickly restore your ride like new. Replace missing or damaged side rain guards on your or Subaru WRX with our OEM kits, then add a flashy red bolt-on STI tow hook (that you’ll hopefully never have to use). Fill in surface scratches with touch-up paint markers in a variety of colors, and order unpainted bumper covers that you can then customize. We also have replacement carbon side mirrors and front splitters that will stand up compared to their stock counterparts.

While MAP is the authority in performance parts, we know a thing or two about how to craft a stylish machine, and our exterior car accessories will put your car at the head of vehicular fashion for as long as it’s on the road. Check out our fitment tool to find OEM and aftermarket parts that fit your ride and are designed for extreme weather conditions and track environments, and get same-day shipping on most orders.