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Exhaust Wrap Kits & Thermal Barriers

When you’re going up against the fastest machines around with a win or championship on the line, you need every edge you can get. Even a few horsepower can be the difference between on the podium and just being part of the pack. Exhaust wraps and thermal barriers can help you get this extra edge, helping redistribute heat to improve exhaust flow, increase power and even keep heat out of the cockpit. Modern Automotive Performance carries a variety of exhaust wrap kits, reflective tape, sleeves and other accessories to squeeze more power out of your engine and keep you comfortable as you compete.

We have exactly what you need to make heat go where you need it to. Exhaust header wrap will retain exhaust pipe heat for better combustion, while also reducing power-robbing radiant heat in the engine bay. Choose black exhaust wrap for better heat radiation and insulation or titanium wrap for incredible strength. If you want to keep components cool, gold heat wrap is designed to handle extreme swings in temperature, making it ideal for lining firewalls, floors, engine covers or seat bottoms. While not all of these materials are recommended for use in street cars, you can count on them when you need a boost on the track.

Wires, lines and hoses aren’t immune from heat either, as anyone who has seen a spontaneous electrical fire can attest. Sleeves, heat shrouds, cool tubes and other protective materials will protect these components from extreme temperatures. DEI fuel line insulation in particular is second to none, as their fire and sleeve kits use a combination of braided glass and silicone to resist temperatures up to 500 degrees. You can also get heat shield sheets and air tube covers, along with speed tape for temporary body repairs. All of our quality thermal components in stock ship the same day and are eligible for our Loyalty Rewards program. Check out an exhaust wrap or heat barrier product review or call our gearheads for assistance choosing the right products for your vehicle.