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We have a one-track mind, and it’s focused on the race track. We’re always looking for ways to go faster. When E-85 fuel came out, we saw an inexpensive racing fuel with a high octane level, and thought of nothing else but how it would help us win trophies.

Here’s the thing about E-85: Under government sales standards, the ethanol content may not always be 85 percent. Different classes allow for fuel with as little as 70 percent to be sold as E-85. That means you need to know the exact ethanol content of what’s in your tank. Your tuning depends on being able to adjust for that.

We offer a variety of gauges that let you do exactly that. Featuring clear displays and intuitive readouts, these gauges help you keep track of that critical information.

Contact our staff of gearheads today. We have plenty of experience working with E-85 and the assorted caveats that come with it. We’ll help you get a sensor that meets your needs and helps you fly down the track on race day.