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Engine Management Systems

You can make upgrades and tweaks to your engine all day, but none of that work will matter if you can’t tell the onboard computer in your car to do things differently. Auto manufacturers set controls to favor emissions standards and control performance. But with the right engine management system, you can upgrade your onboard computer to peak performance.

We’ve worked with plenty of engine management systems at Modern Automotive Performance. We sell the best the market has to offer from brands such as Cobb Tuning, Neuspeed and Cosworth. These systems will let you make adjustments to air-fuel mixtures and other critical components, so you can get as much horsepower as possible without throwing a check engine light.

If you have aspirations of increasing horsepower, you are going to need a quality engine management system. You need the power to flip all the switches and press all the buttons in your vehicle, after all. Contact us today to find out more about these powerful systems, including which ones we provide custom tunes for.