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Drivetrain Fluids

What does transmission fluid do?

The role of transmission fluid is vital to your car’s transmission system. It keeps your transmission components running smoothly with normal operation by providing a thin layer of slippery gooeyness that allows for easy movement, while also removing heat from within the system. The inputting and outputting components rely on good quality transmission fluid to perform at their respective peak levels, so you should take care not only with what kind but also when replacing this important liquid.

Transmission fluid can wear down with time and mileage. You should change your transmission's fluids at least every 60,000 or 100k miles for optimal performance in an automatic vehicle according to mechanics. A manual transmission requires more frequent transmissions to keep in tune. Every 30,000 - 60,00 miles drivers will want to change their transmission fluid for proper performance and driveability.

You can easily check your manual/automatic transmission fluid levels. Warm up your car engine, leave your car idling in park on a level surface. Pull out the transmission dipstick and wipe it clean before replacing slowly back into place; then check fluid levels against the full and low markings.

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