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This happens to the best of us: We focus so much on the pistons, cylinders and camshaft of our engine that we forget the main part that gets our wheels turning. We work on adding horses, but don’t even think about the yoke. That means it’s time for you to meet your driveshaft.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve always said that it doesn’t matter how much power your engine has if you can’t get that power to the wheels. Because the driveshaft is what pushes your wheels to turn, it carries torque, and that means it needs to be strong enough to handle the wear from shear stress and torsion. And that’s under normal driving conditions.

We know our customers: Y’all are far from normal driving conditions. You’re working on putting more horsepower into the engines through improved exhaust systems, fuel management and turbochargers. That means your driveshaft works even harder than normal, and the stock driveshaft may not be able to handle all the extra force.

Time for an upgrade. At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve tested countless driveshafts for their fitment and performance. The ones that we like, the ones that make a distinct difference, those are the ones we offer on our shelves. The subpar ones? We’ll let other places sell those.

What kind of car do you have, and how do you want to drive it? A driveshaft is a significant investment, so contact us today and we’ll point you to a solid option for your project. We’ll prepare you for the installation and tell you about all the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way.

High-performance customer service is one of our calling cards at Modern Automotive Performance. With instant order fulfillment, outstanding prices and excellent shipping rates, we help you save money and get your order more quickly.