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When getting your project car ready for show, don’t ignore the details. A new dipstick will help you easily check engine oil while giving a touch of color and class to your engine bay.

You know how we work at Modern Automotive Performance: We don’t offer things just because they look good. Our collection of dipsticks and dipstick handles are made from superior materials to offer better-than-normal performance. While these dipsticks won’t get you extra horsepower, they will handle the higher heat of your performance engine just fine. The brushed aluminum surfaces and more will look sharp in your engine bay, and the bigger handles make it easier to remove and replace them after you’re done checking your oil.

Whether you have a Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru, Honda or Mustang, you’ll find an eye-catching dipstick handle. These are made by some of the best names in the business, such as Boomba Racing, STM and IAG Performance. They are crafted from billet 6061 aluminum and install easily to your existing dipstick. Most of these also come with new O-rings to ensure perfect, leak-free seals.

One of the thrills about upgrading a project car is upgrading stock parts with performance options. Even new cars are riddled with sub-par plastic parts that can cause problems down the road — especially for performance enthusiasts. A new dipstick handle is a perfect way to trash one of those throwaway parts with a high-quality solution. You’ll appreciate the upgrade every time you check your oil.

Contact us today and we’ll answer all your questions about upgrading your dipstick or other similar enhancements. We have decades of collective experience working on engines, and we’ve picked up more than our fair share of tips and tricks. You’ll appreciate our industry-best customer service, and our fast shipping options will help you get your dipstick quickly, so you can hit the road faster.