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Diffusers - Rear / Front

What is a rear diffuser used for?

For years, the niche world of diffusers has thrived on high-end production vehicles like sports cars and luxury sedans. But now they're making their way onto more mainstream models as well. They improve your car performance in many ways, such as increasing stability at high speeds, improving braking power and light weight agility during high-speed cornering maneuvers. The main function of a car rear diffuser is to increase the car's downforce and reduce aerodynamic drag.

A new rear diffuser from Modern Automotive Performance is necessary hardware that can make your vehicle perform even better through the velocity of the air flowing to the back–improving its downforce and grip on the road surface.

The rear diffusers we provide are designed to be incredibly functional with air volume yet stylish, so they can complement the look of any vehicle– full length or not.

MAPerformance carries rear and front diffuser inventory

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