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Anyone who’s ever hit a slick patch on gone up over a curb knows that sometimes your car wheels spin at different speeds. (And we hope you and your car were okay.) But even when rounding a corner under more normal conditions, wheel spin can make a big difference in handling. Each of your car’s wheels travels a different distance when cornering, and thus need to spin at different rates as well. A good differential will reduce slipping or pushing and help you corner with confidence.

Whether you own a front-wheel, rear-wheel drive, or our favorite AWD vehicle, MAP has a great selection of limited slip differentials built to increase speed in the corner and let you hammer down with confidence out of it. Whether you order a Wavetrac differential, Cusco RS differential Tomei Technical Trax differential or something from one of our other industry-leading brands in stock, you’ll get a part ready for extreme driving conditions. While a standard open differential can only apply drive torque at a 1:1 ratio, these torque bias differential power both drive wheels independently. When they sense your vehicle cornering, this allows them to automatically spin the outer wheel faster than the inner wheel, improving handling even when axle load is reduced.

From Mitsubishi to Honda, Porsche to Volkswagen, we have a differential designed to fit your ride. Our fitment tool will help you quickly find the differentials that match your needs. In addition, we have all the components needed for installation and maintenance including bushings, spacers, mounting collars and chassis braces. Our in-house mechanics have forgotten more about differentials than most people will ever know, and they’ll be happy to impart their knowledge if you have questions. If you’re constantly losing ground in every corner, a performance differential may do more for you than any shock or spring adjustment. You’ll even get same-day shipping on most orders so you can quickly start feeling the difference.