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Differential Bushings & Mounts

Stock parts are rarely built to handle the demands of performance racing. A lot of what drivers do revolves around upgrading existing systems to handle harder turns, faster acceleration and aggressive shifting. It’s not like car companies make their products directly for race tracks, after all: Most people are content to just toodle down the highway alongside everyone else.

Not us. We like driving too much.

When upgrading differentials, we’ve found that the proper differential mounts and supports make a big difference in handling. The differentials allow wheels to spin at different speeds independently of each other, and when they are properly supported, the difference is startling. They don’t directly add horsepower, but by helping you handle curves better, you’ll conserve power and remain in a good position for taking advantage of straightaways.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve spent countless hours installing different products and testing them out. We sell only the ones that make a difference in quality or performance. That means you’ll find brands such as Beatrush, Kiggly Racing and Whiteline here. Made with premium materials and exact fitment for your Subaru, Mitsubishi or other models, these differential mounts and supports will provide the sturdy framework you need for race day.

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to tell you much more about how these differential mounts make a difference. We love talking shop, and your most nitpicky, detailed questions are welcome here. Once you’re ready, you’ll find some of the best prices on the internet, outstanding shipping rates and warehouse staff workers that start packing your order immediately, so you can get to work and on the roads more quickly.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we want to help make your automotive dreams into reality. Whether you want to take over the track or enjoy your area’s curvy back roads, we’re here to help.