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Cooling Ducts

Heat build-up is always a problem in the engine bay of performance vehicles. A blast of fresh air from new cooling ducts can help keep your engine performing at its best.

We love watching automotive design advance in front of our eyes. One of the major advances over the last decades is how strategically positioned scoops can direct air through the engine bay, helping to ventilate it and cool it off. (And the faster you drive, the more cooling power you get! It’s science.) But like everything else on a car, stock options can be improved.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we offer a selection of cooling ducts, scoops and other vents to redirect air for enhanced performance. Some options go right by the front grill, others are installed on the side. They come in a variety of finishes, including carbon fiber composition and more, and they help either channel fresh air in or show hot air the exit door. All of them are made from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, such as Rexpeed, APR Performance, Agency Power and PasswordJDM. We spend hours upon hours testing out products such as these, checking to see if they perform as advertised, so that we can guarantee they will be worth your time and money.

We want to be your personal pit crew at Modern Automotive Performance. We want to be at the ready, helping you make decisions that will help you reach your automotive goals. So contact us today and tell us about your project car and how you want to drive it. Our mechanics love talking to fellow gearheads, and they’ll help you find what kind of ducts and vents would work best for your model. You’ll also see our excellent customer service in our prices, incredible shipping rates and immediate order packing. We’ll get you your order quickly so that you can get it installed and get back on the road.

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