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Connecting Rods & Forged Engine Components

Aftermarket Connecting Rods & Forged Engine Internals

Engines are already hot places, and that’s before we even get a chance to touch them.

Since 2006, Modern Automotive Performance has been tweaking, upgrading and improving engines to increase horsepower and speed. All those methods generally lead to one thing: Higher engine temperatures. Because the engine is the heart of the vehicle, it’s important that all the components inside it are durable, strong and made to last. They need to be able to handle the rush of extra power we add to engines. That’s especially true of the connecting rods. Only the piston separates them from the explosions in the cylinder. They are the key armature that pushes the crankshaft, and if that’s not spinning, you’re not going anywhere. While stock connecting rods will get you to the grocery store sufficiently, anyone wanting to race competitively or drive aggressively will want the assurance that each component of their engine can handle the heat.

Our mechanics have decades of experience improving engines and have worked with the products from countless manufacturers. Because we believe that parts quality is important for protecting investments, we stock connecting rods from only the best manufacturers in the industry, such as Manley Performance I Beam & H Beam, K1, Eagle, Wiseco Boost Line, Cosworth and Tomei. All that knowledge we’ve picked up, we’re happy to pass it on to you. Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be your long-distance pit crew, and help you figure out which connecting rods or other internal components are best for your Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru, Toyota, Honda or whatever you drive. Once you’re ready to order, we won’t wait — we’ll ship in-stock parts the same day you order them. Our prices are competitive and our shipping is free on orders of more than $249. Find out for yourself how we’ve earned our glowing reputation for customer service and performance engine products.

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