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Complete Transmissions & Rebuild Kits

If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time wondering if a transmission rebuild kit over a stock system can make a difference. In most cases, the answer is “a big difference.” Car makers build their cars based on bare minimal performance benchmarks and emissions standards. If they get driven the way performance drivers like to drive them, many of those stock parts just aren’t built to handle the load or wear.

That means if you have serious aspirations of taking on the competition at the track, you’ll need a complete transmission or rebuild. At Modern Automotive Performance, we have collective decades of working on transmissions and testing the results on the track. That’s why we offer the best the market has to offer, from makers such as South Side Performance and Werks Racing.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’re all about making automotive dreams a reality. Whether you plan to conquer street racing or are chasing trophies at the track, our transmission systems will give you the durability and high performance standards you need for victory.