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Coil On Plug Systems

If you’re looking for a boost in performance from a single unit, you’re going to be impressed with a coil on plug system.

In a nutshell: A coil on plug system eliminates the need for spark plug wires, which can fail or leak voltage, causing misfires. These systems are becoming more common in cars, because they improve durability of ignition systems and increase coil output voltage at high RPM, when misfires are more likely to happen.

We carry a variety of coil on plug systems for your Mitsubishi, Honda and more. Made by some of the best names in the industry, such as Spark Tech Ignition, AEM Electronics and Buschur Racing, these systems will give you a difference you can feel easily at idle.

Contact us today: Our staff of automotive experts can tell you much more about how a strong coil on plug system can prolong the life of your engine and keep you driving for miles upon miles.