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Every system in your vehicle can be improved. That includes your spark plugs. That may seem hard to believe, because the plugs have one very specific job in your car, and it appears to be a binary option with no shades of gray.

The right coil bracket or coil pack adapters, however, can increase efficiency and produce smoother idles. We’ve spent a lot of time testing these brackets and found some of the best in the industry, from makers such as Torque Solution and JM Fabrications. In some cases, we even make our own brackets in house.

What kind of car do you have, and how do you like to drive it? Tell us all about it! We love talking to fellow gearheads, and we’ll help you determine if these brackets will work for you. At Modern Automotive Performance, we’re all about making automotive dreams into reality, and if an adjustment to your plugs helps get you there faster, then we’re happy to help.