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Camber Links & Arms

When it comes to wheels, sometimes it’s hip to be not quite square. Depending on what kind of racing you plan on doing, there may be some advantages to adjusting the camber of your wheels. Or you may be interested in lowering your vehicle’s profile, and be more of a low rider.

We don’t care how you roll — or how you want to roll. We can help you meet your target, and that starts with good camber links and arms. The right arm is critical for ensuring proper camber and alignment. If either one of those are off the mark, you’ll be sacrificing handling and ruining your tires. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on sticking to the streets or taking on the track — a bad camber setting will chew up your tires and pillage your wallet.

Based on the collective decades of experience our gearheads have at Modern Automotive Performance, we know which ones are built to last and which ones will disappoint you. That’s why we offer the best products from the companies with the highest respect and reputation, such as Kinetix Racing, Eibach, Whiteline and Megan Racing. And our mechanics are ready to help you out. Contact us — we could talk cars all day — and tell us about your plans for your project. Chances are we’ve done that exact project countless times, and can tell you about everything we’ve learned.

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