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Replace worn connectors for your quick release bumper with a set of releases and fasteners from Modern Automotive Performance.

A lot of racing enthusiasts have discovered the joy of a quick release bumper. It enables easy access to components and systems at the front of the engine bay or the back of the car, and the fasteners add a unique, sporty look to the exterior.

If you have one, you’re probably quite familiar with how the quick release fasteners on the bumper wear down. It’s important to swap them out, in order to ensure your bumper is held securely. Even a little bit of give can lead to wobbling or shear that can either damage your exterior or cause handling issues.

Our staff of gearheads has a thing for quality parts, no matter how small, and they don’t like wasting time or money on parts that can’t hold up to the demands of performance vehicles. That’s why you won’t find anything we wouldn’t install on our own vehicles at Modern Automotive Performance. You’ll find quick release bumper fasteners and connectors made by some of the most trusted brands in the industry, such as Torque Solution.

Whether you want to replace loose or worn fasteners, or you want to improve your look with a color change, you’ll find a quality set here that will suit your needs perfectly. Made from premium materials such as billet 6061 aluminum, you’ll be impressed with their durability and long life.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we love helping make automotive dreams into reality, even when all it takes is a simple set of quick release bumper fasteners. Our prices, shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program will save you money so that you have a start on your next upgrade, and our instant order packing ensures you’ll get your fasteners as quickly as possible.