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High Performance Brake Fluids

A big part of equipping a vehicle for high performance racing deals with handling heat. As new components get added, so does heat — from the bigger controlled explosions inside the engine to the increased friction on the transmission. Any time we get a chance to cool things down, it leads to an advantage that can make all the difference in a race.

All that logic applies to brake fluid. The liquid in your brake system can make all the difference between a successful race and bad accident.

At MAPerformance, we spend a lot of time with performance enthusiasts and their vehicles, working with them on their braking systems. We’ve learned more than our fair share about the fluids available, from wet and dry boiling points to what’s approved for highway use. We’ve also tested out plenty of products that boast sky-high boiling points, only to find they just don’t hold up when it counts.

That’s why we’ve made sure that we offer only the best brake fluids to our customers, from manufacturers such as Motul, Redline and AP Racing. These fluids have been designed and tested to meet the specific needs of drivers, whether they want something highway-legal for true street racing or engineered for use on either asphalt or dirt. In many cases, the costs are cheaper because we’re not fooled by inferior, more expensive fluids that claim higher boiling points on the bottle.

On each sales page you’ll find plenty of technical information about each fluid, letting you make the best choice for your vehicle, and giving you solid estimates of how much you’ll need for your system. Our shipping staff won’t hit the brakes — they’ll start filling your order on the same day you make it. (Be aware that many of these fluids may be shipped using only ground services.)

Check out our products and find the best one for your ride. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us — we love helping drivers save money by helping them make good decisions.

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