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Blow Off Valve Flanges & Adapters

Aftermarket Blow Off Valve Flanges & Adapters

You don’t need to invest in an aftermarket blow-off valve in order to enjoy the performance and sound they want from their turbocharger. Blow-off valve flanges and adapters perform multiple functions that will transform your car’s setup into one you’ll love at a price you can’t beat. Having the right parts to vent off excess air from the turbo will reduce strain and wear whenever you need a boost. And, of course, your turbo bypass valve will have the loud sound that everybody notice as you’re blowing by them.

Modern Automotive Performance has several options for people who want to get more from their turbocharger. A blow-off military valve adapter mounts between the factory bypass valve and the charge piping, converting it to a valve that directly vents excess air. We carry adapters for many different makes and models that bolt on and are compatible with the stock ECU tuning — no aftermarket map is needed. Each one is made of aircraft-grade billet aluminum and comes in several colors.

If you have invested in a full-scale blow-off valve, you’ll still want a flange to make mounting easier. This part lets you directly fit the blow-off valve to the OEM location with a tight seal and no additional modifications. Some flanges come with a bypass plug for the recirculating tube so air will travel to the valve more efficiently. Our crew has also developed block-off plates so you can seal off the factory diverter valve or remove it altogether for future turbo upgrades.

These blow-off valves and flanges are made by the biggest names in the high-performance industry, including Boomba Racing, ATP Turbo, Torque Solution and HKS. But Modern Automotive Performance still keeps prices as low as possible so you’ll receive the most horsepower — and sonic boom — per dollar. Get a universal blow-off adapter, find an exact fit for your car or give us a call for free expert advice. Everyone will take notice from the first time you boost.

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