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Anti-Lift Kits

Most drivers don’t consider lift. Knowing their cars are heavy and have no wings, they are content with rolling down the road, and the stock suspension of their car helps them do just that. But you are not most drivers. You know that the suspension is about more than handling bumps and dips in the road — it absorbs the wobble that aerodynamic effects push on every part of your car.

It doesn’t matter if you’re racing on a curvy, off-road course or a straight drag strip on an airport runway. Suspension is an important part of your vehicle’s handling, and if you don’t have a way of handling lift, then you’ll have to deal with extra chassis movement that will alter your handling and steal seconds away from you.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve tested many lift kits and seen for ourselves how they make a difference in a race. That’s why we stock only the best for your vehicle. We won’t waste your time or money selling you substandard products that won’t help improve your time on the track. A good lift kit also provides better handling for daily drivers — if you hit the road on the regular without racing in mind, an anti-lift kit will help improve your handling and mileage.

Our staff of expert mechanics has decades of experience handling these types of projects, and are ready to answer all your questions about how an anti-lift kit can help you out. Contact us and tell us about your car — we love hearing from drivers, and could talk shop all day. Once you’ve made your order, we’ll start packing it immediately. Our shipping rates and deep discounts will help you save money, and our Loyalty Rewards program will knock prices of future purchases down. Find out the difference we can make for your car, whether you’re planning on flying down the track or simply cruising down the road.