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Alignment Components & Accessories

Are you the driver who’s always closing the gap on the straightaways, only to lose it all back in the corners? If that sounds like you, check out our selection of alignment components to overwhelm the competition on any part of the track. (And don’t just blame it on an aero-push. What is this, NASCAR?) Whether the purpose of your hot rod is to go in a straight line as fast as possible or slice through the esses with abandon, vehicle alignment is a vital part of performance. Keeping your wheels pointed in the right direction will improve steering response and handling, reduce tire wear and make for an overall smoother driving experience.

Modern Automotive Performance has hundreds of performance alignment components from premier manufacturers such as Blox Racing, Whiteline, Cusco, Kinetix Racing and SPC Performance for extreme conditions. Each part is designed to improve suspension geometry, increase contact patches and reduce roll and slop. Find front and rear camber arms, alignment kits, roll center adjustment kits, tension rods and more to keep your car stable at high speeds. We carry only the best parts that are real-world tested and proven to make your car more responsive and help you carry more speed through the corners.

Of course, your poor handling could be a result of worn-out hardware, which is why we also stock plenty of bushing kits, adjustment bolts and other accessories for regular maintenance. MAP is a leader in the DSM aftermarket parts industry, but we love all cars, and from Toyotas to Fords we have something that can help your vehicle alignment. Call or email us today for helpful advice on everything from camber plates to the meaning of life (hint: it involves going fast), or use our fitment tool if you’re the quiet type of the track. We have fast order fulfillment and same-day shipping so you don’t have to live with steering roll and irregular tire wear any longer than you have to.