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Keep your intake systems clear and full of clean air with replacement air filters from Modern Automotive Performance.

Air is the magic ingredient for vehicles of all sorts. There are so many ways air is channeled into your engine to help cool it. One of the most critical places for air to go is inside the engine. Without a good supply of it, your pistons won’t fire properly.

But as anyone who has raced in either the country or city can attest, there’s a lot of stuff in that air that isn’t air, and exactly none of it belongs inside your engine. Racers who hit tracks nestled in fields out in the county see all kinds of dirt and plant particulates get kicked up into the air, while city drivers deal with a large amount of smog and other pollutants. High performance air filters prevent engine asthma, keeping it free to breathe as deeply as it wants.

Our mechanics have spent combined decades testing out a myriad of aftermarket parts, making sure they deliver what they promise. We won’t waste your time and money selling you something we wouldn’t install in our own vehicles. At Modern Automotive Performance, you’ll find a selection of quality air filters from the most trusted names in the business, including STM, Green Filter, Cobb Tuning and Airaid Intakes.

It doesn’t matter what you drive, or what sort of intake you have. Need a drop-in filter? Looking for a high-flow synthetic that allows more volume? Shopping for a cone or other configuration? Looking for a colored option, such as a red or green filter? We likely have exactly what you need. Contact us today: Our mechanics would be happy to help you hunt down the best options for your car and cover the benefits and drawbacks of each kind. We aim to be your personal pit crew, after all, and that means ensuring your engine gets all the air it needs for peak performance.

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